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Beverage Industry
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Marble Handler

Designed for transporting unstable loads such as soft drinks, malted beverages, bottled water and empty containers. Load stabilizers allow faster operating speeds and more efficient handling procedures by securing the the palletized load. more info >A reliable, economical and efficient means of inverting loads. Allows transfer of product to pallet or slipsheet, freezer spacer removal, damaged pallet exchange or damaged carton replacement. Also provides system for damaged product recovery from bottom of stack. more info >
Block HandlersForward Bin Dumper

Handle single or dual concrete cubes safely and efficiently using a variety of fork lengths and spacing to fit any cube handling application. Single sideshifting models allow accurate positioning on single unit loads. Dual independent sideshifting models offer accurate fork positioning and greater stability, so operators can pick dual cubes separately, then sideshift them together for stable transportation. more info >Designed to provide the agricultural, food processing, and manufacturing markets an efficient and economical means of handling and dumping bins. It can easily accommodate various bin heights by manually adjusting the top bin stops. more info >
Appliance HandlerInverta Push

more info >May be used in nearly every operation that ships unit loads of bags or cartons, such as fertilizer, grain, cement, mail, sugar, canned goods, boxed goods, glass and plastic. The Inverta Push enables you to warehouse your products on in-house, ‘captive’ pallets. more info >
Fixed Fork SpreaderWine Barrel Handler

Used for handling wide loads such as trusses, rebar and pipe, the Fixed Fork Spreader has two additional forks to provide stability for the load. Can be mounted on pin-type carriage, ITA carriage or sideshifting carriage. Quick Disconnect makes it easy to mount and detach.more info >Designed to work in the "cave" or "narrow aisle" operations, the Wine Barrel Handler allows a lift truck driver to easily grab a barrel from a stack, lower it to the ground or move it to the desired location. A 180-degree swinging fork assembly mounted on a full-width traversing frame allows the driver to pick up a barrel from either the left- or the right-hand side of a narrow aisle. more info >
Bin RetainerLoad Transfer Station

Lightweight bin retainer for the agricultural market. Retains plastic and wooden bins during rotation. more info >An excellent method for transferring loads to captive pallets at the receiving dock. more info >
Keg HandlerMarble Handler

Two model offerings allow you to handle either 18 full barrel kegs or 36 empty barrel kegs. They provide a safe and efficient method for loading and unloading trailers at breweries, distributors and warehouse operations. more info >A safe and efficient method of handling marble, granite and other stone slabs, the Marble Handler is designed to support the load as it is pulled out of a closed-top container. The load can then be picked up with an overhead crane. more info >
Concrete Handling AttachmentsTire Handler

Attachments designed specifically for the concrete industry.
We offer a variety of handling options for a multitude of applications. more info >

Designed for the mining and earth moving industries and may be used in any application requiring the need to handle earth moving tires. The Cascade Tire Handler allows you to safely handle OTR tires weighing up to 34,200 lbs. (15.6 metric tons). more info >

Coil Boom & Carpet PolesLoad Extender

more info >
Used for handling steel coil and carpet. more info >

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